This Stock Could Make A KILLING… Are You Set To Cash In?

Revolutionary Tech Start-Up Company’s Stock Price Could Soar…

Digital Arts Media Network (OTC: DATI)

As you know, the startup sector is red hot.  A staggering $69.1 BLN was invested in startups in 2016, that amount increased to a massive $84+ BLN for 2017 and the numbers are expected to be even higher for 2018. Traditional startups raise money via private equity, venture capital, accelerators, and incubators.  This is about to change because there is a company that has created a business model that helps startups raise more money, and startup investors realize their potential investment profits more quickly.

This microcap company is getting a piece of the action by investing in future billion-dollar companies at a discount.

Up to now only a handful of private venture and seed funds were able to invest on such terms. These privileged investors would reap returns of 10,000% and even 50,000% by getting in early before anyone.

Thanks to this Company, the opportunity is now open to all investors.

Through our rigorous research, we have found a potentially game-changing, sector disrupting company.

Digital Arts Media Network Inc. (OTC Ticker: DATI) makes it possible for all kinds of investors, from trillion-dollar sovereign wealth funds to small-time retirees, to invest in the world’s fastest-growing companies.

Every year, billions of dollars in global capital is unleashed on the most promising startups in the world.  Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) has started to get is cut.  And, for right now, DATI is still totally under the radar, even though potential upside catalysts over the next several months could be explosive.

Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) – Could This Stock Multiply Your Money 5 TIMES In 6 Months?

A sector disrupting business plan combined with several astute early investments have combined to make Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) a tech industry game-changer and a potential profit-making machine for early investors.  This Company is radically disrupting the way tech investors make money and the way startups raise money. The business model that has been developed is incredibly simple but truly revolutionary.

Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) has created the world’s first Public Accelerator-Incubator – or simply PAI.

The PAI offers the complete answer to three major needs in the startup sector:

  • Startups needing money
  • Angels needing liquidity from their private investments
  • Investors needing to participate in companies prior to the IPO.

The PAI offers:

  • An insurance-wrap product to reduce investor downside risk in startup investments
  • A “coupon style” product, providing investors with an annual income stream
  • Liquidity to investors within 15 Months from their startup investments
  • Immediate access to prestigious startup investment opportunities for the investing public

Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) aligns with leading private accelerators and incubators to form unique partnerships. These partnerships enhance the vetting process and expedite traction.  The company also partners with successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and development teams to provide startups with general and functional mentorship from industry leaders.  Additionally, Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) provides startups with a series of capital infusions over the course of 3 months (acceleration period) to 24 months (incubation period), while taking a minimum 6% stake in the startup.

Thanks to PAIs, angel/seed investors get immediate money for their stakes and a PAI like Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) gets an equity stake of 6% in a portfolio of top startups.

At this point, investors get to own the potential future Facebooks, Snapchats, and Ubers of the world just by buying a Public Accelerator-Incubator like Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI).

The model gets better and better with time because more startups mean more equity to the PAI, and more equity means more opportunity for DATI and its investors. Over time, more DATI investors mean more angel investors can realize the opportunity to rapidly monetize their investments and more angel and early-stage investors means more money, more frequently, for more startups.

To understand fully why the potential upside of shares in this company is gigantic, one must first understand why early-stage investing is so incredibly profitable.

Buying shares of Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) could be like investing in Facebook in 2004.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in a Harvard dorm room in early 2004.  Legendary VC investor Peter Thiel invested $500,000 in September 2004 for a 10% of Facebook, valuing the entire company at only $5 Million.

Today Facebook is worth over $500 BILLION or a mind-boggling ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND times more than the 2004 valuation.

Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) today is doing what Thiel did in 2004 – investing at low valuations in start-ups with superior technology, proven management teams, and game-changing products.

Here are the potential billion-dollar unicorns Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) has already invested in:

Vezt – This blockchain-based music royalty sharing app is disrupting how music gets made and who owns it. It democratizes the way artists make and share music with fans while giving fans the ability to make money from an artist’s royalties and licensing income. Vezt has already received seed money from some of the most sophisticated and savvy tech investors, including Jonathan Teo, Founder and Managing Partner of Binary Capital, and Goodwin Gaw, Chairman of Gaw Capital Partners.  Vezt has also already acquired a portion of the rights to songs recorded by artists including Kanye West, Drake, John Legend, and others. The songs will be listed on the platform in its public launch, currently projected for Q1 2018.

OpenVision Labs – DATI took a 10% stake in this media startup in early 2017 at a valuation of $2 MLN. OpenVision is pioneering a video-streaming technology that promises to disrupt a sector whose size will balloon from $37 BLN in 2017 to $60 BLN by 2020. OpenVision has also entered the mentorship program for startups and has recently been valued at $5 MLN, giving Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) a 150% profit in less than 12 months.

Fundanna – In August, DATI bought an equity stake in cannabis crowdfunding company Fundanna. Fundanna allows cannabis-related companies to raise up to $1 MLN per year from accredited and non-accredited investors, with low investment requirements. Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) is now perfectly positioned to profit from a sector that is literally BOOMING. The ancillary cannabis market, which is what Fundanna specializes in, grew 161.2% in 2016, with investment/M&A up 366% and sales of consumer devices up 116%

Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) – Getting Ready To Take Off

DATI is pioneering a new way to raise money and monetize existing startup investments. The PAI has the potential to bring hundreds of billions of new dollars into the tech sector – while Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) accumulates valuable investments in innovative companies.

The company is continuing to expand its offering of investment programs, which already includes:

Angels+ – A capital formation program that gives a startup the ability to provide angels and early-stage investors access to liquidity within 24 months.

Exchange Direct – A program designed for more mature startups, helping investors to turn their stake into cash before selling the company or floating it on the stock market.

As many investors realize, markets and stocks are driven by EXPECTATIONS. And the expectations for this company are growing quickly.

In the near term, DATI will likely add more companies to its portfolio. As they do so, the name will begin to circulate more and more often in investor circles and in the media. Investors will begin to understand the disruptive effect of Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) and the PAI business model and what it means to the startup sector. This, in turn, should lead to an increasing demand for the publicly traded shares of DATI.

Right now, DATI has a first-mover advantage in the sector. As it continues to show success, additional PAIs will likely enter the market. But for now, the company is the only game in town in terms of market traded Public Accelerator-Incubators. The time to consider this investment is now, before any additional investments are announced. Just as with a successful startup, the time to invest in a PAI like Digital Arts Media Network (OTC Ticker: DATI) is early in the game before future valuation round increases take place.











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