More than 46,000 IRS employees called back to work to process refunds, calls

Millions of taxpayers submit their returns as soon as possible. These households often need their refunds to either reduce remaining holiday debt or boost their savings.

In 2018, the IRS opened season on Jan. 29.

By Feb. 2 — the end of that week — the agency received 18.3 million returns and processed 6.1 million refunds, with an average refund check of $2,035.

In all, the IRS received 154.4 million returns by Nov. 23 of last year, the most recent date available, and issued an average refund of $2,899.

“People shouldn’t have to wait to get money back that’s theirs,” said Jeffrey Levine, CPA and director of financial planning at BluePrint Wealth Alliance in Garden City, New York.

“It’s not their fault that the government is dysfunctional and shut down,” he said

Source: CNN