When you think about the Caribbean what comes to your mind? Warm azure waters, white sand beaches as fine as talcum powder, and relaxing by the pool with a Mojito in hand. This small company has something completely different in its sights:

  • A category-killing selection of Ultra-Premium Rums that could dominate their segment
  • A revolutionary concept in Caribbean dining that can be replicated in hundreds of locations across the region

And more importantly – explosive sales growth and profits for many years ahead.

The restaurant and beverage sectors are known to deliver extraordinary returns to investors. Companies that get their brand and customer segment right enjoy powerful sales growth, booming profits, and strong name recognition. Restaurant stocks like Chipotle (NYSE Ticker: CMG), Domino’s Pizza (NYSE Ticker: DPZ) and Panera Bread (NYSE Ticker: PNRA) have absolutely thrilled investors with returns of more than 1000%, 6000%, 7000% from their small-cap stage to today.

This small cap could well be the next one to rack up massive gains – up to more than 6000%.

Not only is this company pioneering a new restaurant format in the Caribbean’s most exclusive resorts, it is also leading the way with a new brand in the fast-growing segment of Ultra-Premium rums. The most exciting time to get into a stock of this kind is exactly when it is about to prove its concept. This company is just about to start its journey to take over Caribbean dining and the U.S. rum market in a highly profitable fashion.

This company’s name is Tiger Reef (OTCQB Ticker: TGRR).

Tiger Reef Ultra Premium – The Rum Revolution Is Here

TGRR is getting ready to launch Tiger Reef® Ultra Premium Rums in the USA in the fall of 2017. These rums represent the absolute élite of the rum world in terms of price, quality and flavour. Ultra-Premium rum sells for about $50 per bottle compared to only $15 for average rums. In the US, premium rum is only 3% of the overall rum market, representing enormous potential growth.

And the best thing is, this market is absolutely ON FIRE.

Sales in 2008-13 went up 48.1% per year, compared to only 9% for regular spiced rum. Overall sales have more than tripled in the past 5 years, with a jump of 37% in 2015 alone. International Wine & Spirit Research forecasts rum to be the third-fastest growing spirit in the premium-and-above segment globally in the 2013-19 period. This is even more extraordinary when considering that the rest of the rum market is actually expected to decline over 2016-2021 by 0.5% a year!

To be part of this exclusive category TGRR has committed itself to uncompromising quality when developing Tiger Reef. Master Roneros (Rum makers) from Cuba have been improving and refining this world-famous drink for more than 300 years. That is why TGRR has worked closely with a distinguished and multi-award winning Cuban Maestro Ronero to formulate three absolutely unique rums targeted for the US market:

Silver – A sipping quality light rum

Spiced – A lightly spiced rum aged 3 years

Enigma 23 – A 23-year old Solera rum

They will be produced and bottled in the Dominican Republic, using only the highest-quality organically-sourced sugarcane. The three Tiger Reef rums have all the taste qualities necessary to dominate the segment:


  • A smooth and warm rum that gives way to a sweet vanilla and honey taste
  • It can be used both for cocktails and drunk straight – a first in rum
  • It could turn into a “vodka killer” according to experts


  • Mildly spiced, sweet orange taste, hints of oak
  • Aged in an oak barrel for 3 years

Enigma 23

  • Luxury, intense and smoky with hints of chocolate and caramel
  • Limited production, likely to become a collector’s item
  • Aged an incredible 23 years in port wine barrels

Tiger Reef’s Spiced Rum Could Turn Into A “Vodka Killer”

And there is an even more exciting opportunity for TGRR.

TGRR has a new restaurant concept which is ready to be unleashed…

Mermaid Reef – A Pioneer Concept in Caribbean Dining

TGRR is planning to open a Mermaid Reef Ocean Grill & Lounge restaurant in Saint Martin in October 2017. Mermaid Reef is an upscale casual dining restaurant of between 60 to 80 seats, both indoors and outdoors. The food menu features a variety of original dishes which combine international and Caribbean elements, accompanied by a top-notch wine selection.

The Mermaid Reef will be excellently located within the Simpson Bay Marina & Resort, a luxury hotel complex owned by Royal Resorts Caribbean. This property has 425 rooms and villas. In addition, there are another 4 major resorts located 5 minutes or less from the restaurant. Mermaid Reef will be marketed actively both to hotel guests and to external guests. With 1.9 million cruise ship tourists and 500,000 airplane arrivals each year, Saint Martin is the perfect location for the launch of an upscale restaurant concept.

Mermaid Reef – Caribbean Dining With Ambitious Expansion Plans

The opening of the first Mermaid Reef restaurant is approaching quickly.

On April 26, 2017, the company announced it had established a new wholly-owned operating subsidiary in Saint Martin named Mermaid Reef B.V. This is the ultimate legal stage to acquire the restaurant lease, currently in its final stages of negotiation. TGRR is also in the final stages of acquiring the needed licenses and permits for operating the restaurant. The opening in October 2017 is perfectly timed to begin with the tourist high season.

This is just the beginning of an astute and ambitious strategy of aggressive regional expansion.

The plan is to open multiple new Mermaid Reef’s throughout the Caribbean… TGRR is already in discussion to open more Mermaid Reef restaurants at other properties owned by Royal Resorts Caribbean on Aruba and Curaçao. TGRR anticipates finalizing an agreement for a second restaurant already in Q4 2017.

At the present price TGRR is a clear bargain with a stock price that could reasonably double or triple in the near term and increase 25-fold in the years to come.

BUT…as investors anticipate events, many catalysts are lining up right now and the current low price may not last.

On March 29th the company canceled 80% of its common stock, reducing the total to 22,794,500. Management has expressed its commitment to other share-cancellations in the future with the objective of increasing shareholder value.

On April 11th the company hired Dynamic Creatives Group to manage its brand positioning, social media presence and design of its products and product packaging. Dynamic Creatives is a world-renowned design and PR firm with a successful track record of working with the biggest brands in the world, including Ferrari, Porsche, and Jaguar.

At this point in time, it takes very little investor interest to push the price of TGRR much higher.

Soon the company’s PR machine will be kicking off a massive marketing push in the US spirits market.  Both the rum brands and the restaurant will be launched in less than 6 months’ time. More and more investors will find out what you know right now – and could push the price up.

You have an opportunity to get into TGRR before they do and at a better price. Don’t wait though, because the time to act is NOW to take advantage of TGRR’s upcoming positive developments. Position yourself now in TGRR to earn massive profits for the rest of 2017!